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Thread: powders for .22 hornet

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    powders for .22 hornet

    if, when, if ever my .17hmr sells i can finaly seriously start looking for a .22 hornet and i was wondering what powders people are using for there hornet loads if it helps im going to try and load 40gr bullets thanks

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    I have just purchased a 22 hornet last week,and I am new to reloading,the advice I was given was 40gr bullets,12 grains of hogdon lil gun and small pistol primer.
    I am having trouble in finding lil gun up here,so trying h110 40 gr vmax small pistol primer.hope that helps

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    The best powder for a hornet is lil gun .

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    Before Lil-Gun came along the magic powder was 4227.


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    Lil gun all the way, Paul may have 1 tub left

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    My three top powders for the Hornet begin with Lil Gun. They didn't design it for the Hornet but thsy could make the claim and no one would doubt them. Next H-110 tied with Accurate Arms 1680. The latter two develop more pressure by a bit but accuracy is outstanding with any.~Muir

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    lil gun it is then thanks for the input chaps

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    Both me and my mate use 13 grains of Lil gun powder in the hornet. with a 40gr v max bullet

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