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Thread: R.s.p.b.

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    Seems we have competition in the field, I noticed a UKV members post this afternoon,
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    A useful bit of data to have in the back pocket.

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    Admin this should be made a sticky very helpfull.


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    346 Sika on one heathland reserve??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    346 Sika on one heathland reserve??
    that'll be Arne idea what numbers of sika are in the area but that's one hell of a cull!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    Admin this should be made a sticky very helpfull.

    yes this would be a handy piece of data to have to stop a fair few anti's and doubters in their tracks.

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    It would be great to see Bill Oddie or Chris Packham discuss those numbers or indeed the facts behind why they were needed.
    I won't hold my breath waiting for that though.
    If only it would stop anti's or doubters in their tracks nun_hunter, if only, sadly the zealot rarely accepts facts as a counter-argument
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    Last time I was at Arne there were Sika everywhere, grazing seaweed on the shore, in a couple of grass fields and all over the heathland. There were however a number of highseats in strategic spots and the visiting public probably wouldn't know what they were. The animals we saw all looked in good condition with some good heads in evidence but they were, or seemed mighty tame and easy to approach.
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    Only 1 magpie and no rats are a disappointing effort!

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    and thats only the bag they have owned up to, i wonder what went under various

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