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Thread: Update on progress since DSC 1

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    Update on progress since DSC 1

    Dear All,

    Itís been a while, so I thought Iíd do an update on progress since DSC 1 llast summer.

    Iíve been on a few more stalks since I last posted. The bad weather earlier this year made it difficult, but looking at signs of deer in the snow was really interesting. I managed to give myself a groin strain on my last stalk. I was with Mike Dickinson and weíd been creeping through woodland for an hour or so. I got a shooting pain in the nether regions and then felt like Iíd been kicked in the Jacobs. Mike did his best not to laugh, which was greatly to his credit !!!

    Still looking for the elusive first beast, but Iíve noticed that Iíve started seeing deer on my own recently. I saw Roe several times while on holiday in Dorset and one over in Nottinghamshire. I think I am starting to learn to look for them properly.

    I have joined a rifle club as a probationary member. Iíve been on a range day which was great. I received some coaching, which seemed to work immediately. My groups got smaller. I have another range day soon, which Iím looking forward to.

    I have also joined a syndicate in Scotland. I went up and had a look a few weeks ago and think it looks ideal for me to learn on. Iíll hopefully get up there shortly.

    I applied for my FAC this week so am hoping that comes through ok. I have perhaps done things the wrong way round (rifle club and land before FAC) but I wanted to give myself the best chance of getting the ticket so I thought Iíd build up a bit of experience before applying. Iíve got my fingers crossed

    Assuming the FAC comes through, Iíll get my first rifle. Iíve really enjoyed doing some research on it and Iíve had some really helpful advice from many of you on here, so thanks for that.

    I hope to put faces to a few names next weekend at the Keepers Fair at Catton. Itís local to some of the regulars on here - Stone, Big EKA, Tika .308, Fester and others, whoíve all helped me greatly. I think thereís a Staffs meet in the offing, so looking forward to that.

    If anyoneís interested Iíll do another update in a few months time.



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    good to see things are coming along nicely mate, not sure which day me and fest are going to catton yet but hope to meet up with you.

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