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Thread: Tikka T3 30.06 and 223 ammo preferences

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    Tikka T3 30.06 and 223 ammo preferences

    Very excited to be taking delivery of 2 new rifles tomorrow both stainless and synthetic.
    I will be trying a few rounds but can anyone advise of what theirs liked?

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    hi luke mines t3 wood 223 but it likes privvi 55gr s/p.s and 55vmax for fox,nine quid a box to try so worth a poke,half to 3/4 inch groups,at 100mtrs,

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    My T3 Lite SS .30-06 shot everything I tried in it; not picky at all. I loved it, but had won it in a drawing, and sold it to a friend, as I already had a Remington BDL SS that covered its use. He uses Hornady 165 and 180-gr ammunition and loads the same bullets for mule deer and elk. Super accurate rifle, and the recoil not noticeable by me. You may want to replace the hard pad with the pre-fit Limbsaver. I replaced it immediately with a T3 Lite in 7mm-08.

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    My t3 is a 1in8 twist .223 and loves 75 gr a max bullets
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    30-06 not fussy what you put through it.
    Hornady 150gr interlocks. Privy 150 and 180gr.

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    My buddy's T-3 0-06 shoots bug holes with about everything. He usually hunts with 165 grain Interlocks. I shoot these from my T-3 308 with great success. For .223, abot anything will group well. What's the twist??~Muir

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    T3 .30-06 is 1:10 twist. 57.0 grains of H-4350 under a 165-gr Interlock => 5 holes overlapping. Same for the 180-gr Interlock BTSP. No need for expensive bullets. My friend and his wife have now taken five elk with that T3, all single shot. It is pretty weatherproof and immune to saddle scabbard wear, a joy to carry on the back on in the hands, full 1.5 lbs lighter than my M700 BDL SS. I sold it to him just as he had borrowed it, with a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40 Ballistic plex and he has not touched a thing on it. Just start with vanilla, inexpensive Prvi, S&B, Remington, Federal and Hornady ammunition, from 150-gr to 180-gr for big game. If shots are not over 200 yards on deer, I would use an M1 Garand 200 yard match load of a 125-gr Sierra PH at 2,800+ fps ( 46 - 49 grains 4895, Varget, 4064 or N-140, depending on brass capacity. ).

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