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Thread: Fedral 22-250

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    Fedral 22-250

    21 Fedral power shock 55gr
    Free to a good home
    Face to face collection only
    Dont forget to bring your fac
    G82 post code

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    No one? I'll even give you a coffee when you pick them up.

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    A great offer Rover but i'd use 20 in diesel coming for them.

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    If you ever drive near/past/through Duns/Jedburgh/Hawick/Lauder, I'd love to inherit these, but typically, as RD says, unless quite local it's not worth the fuel sadly.

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    Next time am in your neck of the woods. I would take these off your hands. not sure when though.
    if you get chance off load them in the meantime feel free.
    I am also very close to the motoway if you ever passin

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