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Thread: How to mount your Yukon Photon

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    How to mount your Yukon Photon

    A few weeks ago I bought a Yukon Photon. Excellent bit of kit for the price. I wanted to mount it on my Sako Quad .17hmr. I did this initially with some normal 30mm dovetail mounts, but soon found I couldn't get the eye relief right. The scope wouldn't go back far enough. A combination of the gubbins on the front part of the scope limiting that and it appears you need the eye nearer to it than on a day scope.

    So I tried the Yukon SW-30 Photon XT mount that is specifically for this purpose. Except that it is of course for a weaver/picatinny rail, not the Sako's dovetail. So I had to use a rail adapter, making the whole plot just that bit more top heavy.

    I also have had a bit of trouble zeroing the scope. That's nothing insurmountable, just can't get the elevation down enough, but I can just put a shim in the back mount to rectify that.

    But before venturing any further, I thought I'd ask what anyone else has used and with what success.

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    Yes the Photon can be a bit tricky. I have had mine on both my .17HMR and now my 223. The 17HMR I used a std set of 30mm mounts I think they were made or had the brand name Bisley, they worked fine as I just fiddled around with the placement until I had what I thought was the correct eye relief. Only when I actually started using the scope in the field did I realise I did not need to pull it back as far as I had, back to the range an remounted and zeroed again, much better and actually not far of what a std mount would be.
    When on the my 223 which is a Tikka I had to revers the front mount of the optilock mounts and play around with the relief but pleased to say works fine.

    I would say the best advice I can give is to play around and try and put yourself in what I would say is a natural shooting position when in the field, off sticks, bipod etc and you will see that when at night you dont seem to need as much as you think you need in the day or when zeroing.

    Alternatively remove the rubber eye cover works just as well at night and is easier if you wear glasses as a friend of mine does.

    Hope you get it sorted because its a great little scope to use for the money

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    I went the way of fitting picatinny rails on two rifles and qd mounts so I could change to a day scope and get the best of both.
    See other thread.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I used Leupold QD rings and the blocks on my .cz .22 but When I had the Sako hmr I used setback rings to put scope that bit more back over the bolt for eye relief. Attachment 56614

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    Cheers folks! As I guessed, there's no one easy solution. The set back mounts might be the answer. I shall fiddle on and get sorted eventually.

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    Turning the Optilock bases round on my Tikka seemed to be all that was needed. The position of the locating peg on the bottom of the front mount is offset, so the sight can be moved back or forward by turning both bases round.

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