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Thread: New phone on pay monthly.

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    New phone on pay monthly.

    I am currently on a Sim only pay monthly deal with Virgin mobile and the call costs per minute are horrendous. Who do you guys use for an all you can eat monthly contract? I have a perfect condition iphone 4S 16gb but would consider an upgrade...
    Any recommendations?

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    I have used Vodafone business for about the last 15 years. 25 ex vat a month & far more time allowed than I could ever use plus new phone every couple of years. Best reception available too; my phone always works when nobodies else will, but then I refuse to have i-phones for this reason & just stick to Blackberries.

    I'm afraid I like a phone to be a phone, a camera to be a camera & a computer to be computer. The phone signal transmits much more readily on the flat earth that I inhabit.

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    I'm with O2 & have a 24.99 unlimited any network minutes/texts and 2G of data for that (that I never get anywhere near!) Plus a free upgrade every year

    Edit: I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and think it's superb
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    Vodafone sim only, unlimited minutes to any network, unlimited to any land line and unlimited to 0845, 0800 etc
    Only 1 gig of data, but I've not gone over yet, 21 plus vat a month


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    Sim only.
    7.50 / month for calls & texts only, no internet.
    Monthly contract which can be cancelled with 1 month notice.
    Can't remember the minutes/texts thing but I never exceed it.
    I think internet / data included is about 11 per month.
    Tesco have a great customer call / helpdesk...And it's in the uk
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    All depends on how much you are likely to be using the phone!

    I use mine a lot, have a Samsung Galaxy 5 with O2 unlimited calls phone plus network about 26 per month.

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    EE sim only start about 10 month, friend just got next one up 15 month inc vat unlimited calls and texts and 2 gb data, using existing phone, many folks paying for far more than they need. I hear Tesco are good. Tom

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    I'm with 3, Phone A Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Coming to end of my contract and its 32 pm, 2000mins- Calls, Data Unlimited and was able to use this lately Within America for the cost of my normal mins but when my contract is up in couple of months i will be like yourself Red-Dot, looking at what i really need and coming back to this thread to find Best Network at Cheapest Price etc etc

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    Currently in same situation I have a good 3 contract 1,000 mins, unlimited data and txts however crap phone (HGalaxy ace). 18 month

    Spent ages looking and best deal is with EE at present but through Carphone warehouse.

    Dilema is either Iphone 5's or 6 or Galaxy5/6

    I pnone 6 is 32 for 2gb unlimited txt and minutes.
    However I see on Martins Money tips recon I phone 6 are 400 I phone 5s 200.

    I phone 4s is excellent but soon wont be able to run some certain apps.

    What do I choose?


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    Just signed up with Vodaphone... Iphone 5s, unlimited calls & texts plus 2GB on 4G. 27/month.

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