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Thread: Deer deaths in Dorset.

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    poachers (with dogs) disturbed before they could remove the carcasses?

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    That's just down the road from me. Strange that the beasts were gralloched, but not then removed.

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    Thats because they were going to be picked up by different persons later on. Probably GPS tagged or knew location and single truck was going to pick up when dog boys well out of the way. Its been done by us for several years except they were shot.


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    Both locations are within a few miles of my house...

    I'll leave you to wonder if the gypos parked in Poole swimming baths car park is just coincidence..

    Can't be them can it, cause they're all displaying disabled badges on their vehicles...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    No Terry, they are only in the baths parking because the pool has a disabled entry egress lift.
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    Had a lot of that in my neck of woods and deer were found in salt bins that the council supply . If I remember rightly the blokes got fought shooting off a back of a truck off the road. Had licences taken off and banged up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrooloose View Post
    That's just down the road from me. Strange that the beasts were gralloched, but not then removed.
    Usually killed at night but collected during the day without the dogs, we found 6 Sika when hunting with the South Dorset .

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    Just curious, if you found a carcass/carcasses and grolloched looking like they were to be collected soon. Would you remove them informing the police or would you hide away waiting to see if they turned up to collect them.

    The travelling community that pay us unwanted visits were swapping the carcasses between vehicles in a lay bye just incase that the vehicle seen was reported found some tomes they'd drive around purposely till the police caught them saying they are looking for scrap.

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    In the bad old days of poaching near Monmouth the favoured technique was to shoot a deer from a vehicle at night, the driver then immediately drove away to get the gun (usually a shotgun) away from the scene, either leaving an accomplice to pull the deer into cover and gralloch it to be picked up later or coming back himself to deal with the carcass before daybreak. In most cases, if the police or forestry rangers turned up, the poacher would make off through the forest and it was almost impossible for the them to be caught.

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