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Thread: 7x57 Mauser correct case length?

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    7x57 Mauser correct case length?

    Hmmmm recently I handloaded some once fired RWS cases I got from Tommo a few weeks ago. I re-sized them then cleaned the primer pockets and inside the necks then checked the lengths and was shocked to discover they were over 0.025" longer than the reloading manuals say is the trim length. Now is this just another example of SAMMI re-writing the cartridge specs on european cartridges? or is RWS quality control that far out?

    I only did 20 ready for stalking with, test fired a few to check zero etc then re-loaded those few, so I have the 20 ready to go. But I now have a further 180 cases to size and trim and taking 0.025" of each is a chore and when you convert the SAMMI trim legth to metric it's 0.5mm under 57mm and doing an internet search tells me that the cases length is 57.0mm talk about confusicated .

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    Brit: I have always trimmed the 7x57 to 2.235 inches. The fact that your cases were stretched after being once fired and FL resized isn't a surprise to me as the neck is often kind of left in place during FL resizing while the shoulder is pushed back into spec. Additionally, the drag of the expander helps keep it that way. I have some once-fired-in-someone-else's-gun 30-06 cases that I trimmed lately that took about 5 pulls on my Zip Trim to get to spec. That is a LOT of brass coming off! ~Muir

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    Hmmm well I just checked a few that have not been sized as yet and some of them are already 0.015" over length from your 2.235" size which seems an awful lot for one firing. Abother point it that ALL the RWS 7x57 cases that I have, event hose fromt eh 173 Grn H-Mantle ammunition will not fit into a Lee #2 shell holder nor the RCBS equivalent ( for all those Lee knockers ) so I use the Lee #3 meant for the 6.5 Swedish.

    I think I will e-mail RWS and ask about thier spec for the 7x57mm case and possibly CIP too. Hmmm perhaps I will look at the 8x57 cases as well as if I remember correctly I have some of RWS manufacture and compare the extraction grooves.

    Now I don't know if these RWS cases are from different batches or even fired in the same rifle but the Brazilian TAP cases I have been using for years have finally reached the end of their useful life so replacements were required as some of the primer pockets are losing their snugness so it's probably best to scrap the lot.

    It might be easier if I get a Lee 7x57 trim stud then I can use the cordless driver to trim them. Using the Lyman Universal trimmer will simply take too long.

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    Wiederladen 5th edition says it's 57mm .....since 1892

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    Brit: I use the Lee trimmer studs whenever possible, tho I have a Hornady, a Lyman, and a Forrester as well. They are, of course, fixed so they never go out of adjustment and you get pretty much identical lengths every time. We are all big on uniformity, eh? I use a Lee Zip Trim with the three jaw chuck to spin them. With practice you can mount the cases fast and one tug on the cord it usually all it takes. A stupidly simple idea that works.

    As to the excessive length, the point I was trying to make is that not all chambers are alike. If the original rifle was a bit on the longish side for headspace, then the initial stretch during firing would be augmented somewhat. Add to that the stretch from resizing and you could well end up in that .025" range. Additionally, RWS is not noted for following American pansy reloading pressures for their Metric offerings, are they?? Chances are they were loaded to C.I.P "Maximum Allowable Pressure". I don't know. If it were me I'd trim them back and get after it but of course, I'm an American which means I'm reckless anyhow.~Muir

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