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Thread: does size make a difference

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    does size make a difference

    About to buy a s&b 8x56 already have inch mounts on the rifle so to save cash want to buy a inch tube scope always believed that 30mm tube only gave you more elevation but a mate swears it also gives more light transmission as well, if there is a difference I guess I will have to buy the 30mm tube but have a box full of odd mount already and don't really want to add any more to it.

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    As I understand it, optical quality and all other things equal...the objective lens diameter and relative magnification determine the amount of light that is transmitted, not the tube.

    The 30mm tube does allow for more elevation adjustment as you thought. The other advantage of it is robustness over the 25.4mm tubes, again providing wall thickness and material quality being equal.


    p.s. As Markfox says below the extended elevation adjustment is only avantageous for long range shooting, and for that presumably you would be looking at a higher magnification sight.
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    Between an Identicle 25mm and 30mm tube scope you would not notice any difference what so ever ! And the extra elevation won't benifit you eigher at stalking ranges

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