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Thread: Insect-o-cutor for sale

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    Insect-o-cutor for sale

    After getting a lot of interest on the Fly Zappers i have obtained the details from my friend,he gets them all the time,various models new and second hand,the one he has for sale at the moment is:
    Designed for food prep areas up to 300 square metres.
    Zintec steel construction with white polyester finish.
    2x22 watt uva green lamps
    wall or ceiling mount or free stand,all fittings inc.
    power consumption: 58 watts.
    elec cable: 2 metres.
    weight :10.5kg.
    h 430mm x w600mm x l410mm.
    New in the box 100 inc postage.
    I think these retail at around 160-170 so a real good saving to be had here.
    Go on ...impress the EHO next time they pay you a visit!!!
    Also other hygiene products on other listing.

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    will try to get photo's up soon but they are the same as the ones one ebay..type insect-o-cutor in the search.
    The only difference is my ones are 60 -70 cheaper!!

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