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Thread: camouflage gear

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    camouflage gear


    I would welcome some advice from forum members on cammo gear. Last year I bought a swedteam leaf cammo set called "northern". It would be good for "white moor" as it has a lot of pale in it, but I am often on heather ground, and it is a bit pale. Also, while it is lightweight, which is good for wearing on top of another jacket, its not very hardwearing and has already got a tear in it, even though I haven't done that much in it. I was thinking to get something more robust, that I could wear on its own, so it would be warm, waterproof and camouflaged, and also a bit, but not a lot darker, as mentioned, so it blends in better on heather hill.

    Would also be interested in an alternative lighter weight poncho or jacket that worked well on heather that I could put on when in position.

    Would be grateful for any forum members suggestions for such gear.

    Many thanks

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    The best camo you can possibly get is to ........... keep still ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    The best camo you can possibly get is to ........... keep still ???

    ...whilst wearing tweed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie View Post
    ...whilst wearing tweed.
    Yes! Tweed is probably the best camo you can get for the hill, just have a look at estate tweeds, some look garish
    when out of their environment but just watch them disappear into the background on their home territory, thats
    What they were designed for they did not come about by accident , only problem they were designed for a particular areas no one pattern will suit everywhere.

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    This is really simple in the sense that providers of mil surplus have already, at great expense well beyond the resources available to any other clothing manufacturer, solved it for you. The surplus windproof smock is the best stalking jacket I've ever tried, and I have quite a few.

    There are two generally available current patterns - the older DPM which is a bit dark in my view and the more recent MTP which is somewhat lighter and works well on most ground. I like the design of the older DPM jackets but the MTP ones are a wee bit "fussy" for me with zips and all that junk, however it is the sort of stuff that sells well in the commercial market so perhaps lots like it. The MTP pattern is a very good general pattern, not perfect everywhere clearly, but very good if you use your brain.

    Wash some waterproofing into the windproof smock and it is waterproof for most conditions. More importantly because it is so breathable you will be drier and warmer in it, in most conditions, that in a truly waterproof Gore-Tex type layer. This works really well especially if you are walking or stalking.

    The key however is that this is part of a clothing system. If you don't understand this then you will never be happy with the performance. Also available surplus is the Gore-Tex jacket to be used in combination with the windproof smock and the key point here, and one that some people never seem capable of understanding, is that you wear the Gore-Tex layer UNDER the windproof smock and you only put it on in very wet conditions where the windproof smock might start to let some water in. So if you don't think there are many pockets in the Gore-Tex shell this is because you keep your smock pockets and if you think it might be a bit noisy this is solved when you wear the smock over the top of it and...

    You can buy the smock and Gore-Tex for probably 50 or less if you shop carefully on ebay. If you don't like them or the system doesn't work for you then you can put them back on ebay and get your money back. If you are unhappy that others are spending 1000 on waterproofs and you are only spending 50 then you can send the 950 to me and I will put it to good use, it's a special service I offer for people who think they need to spend a fortune to keep up with the latest full page adverts in Sporting Rifle.

    I did some testing of cammo patterns and so have some photos:

    This is German flectarn, one of the "mossy oak" type patterns and MTP on some moor

    and on some clearfell:

    and in some thicket:

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    +1 for MTP

    One year whilst out on the hill after the hinds a friend had his "Real-forest-mossy-woodland-advantage-HD" and as he got wetter and wetter it became darker and darker until he stood out like a sore thumb on the browns and yellows of wind dried grass and old heather. Another friend had the old desert pattern smock and blended in a treat, the broken up browns doing the trick. Although the new MTP looks a bit rambo-esque whilst walking through your local lowland/woodland FC up on the hill it comes into its own and out on the hill on the Inner Hebrides it works a treat.

    I always end up looking like I've fallen into the dressing up box....garish woollen shooting socks & garters, tweed breeks, shirt & tie and waistcoat topped off with MTP smock/Goretex and tweed cap.....

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    I usually wear tweed, but for those days on the hill when it's just hammering it down,,or the risk thereof, I like a good quality jacket.

    This will be my next once the current one is worn out, but they do last a long time -

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    Brilliant thanks for the suggestions, especially caorach, and particularly for the photos which really help. I think the MTP looks the business. I will look out for those on ebay.

    I hear what folk are saying about tweed, and call me a radical but I find it heavy and cumbersome and I think lighterweight, breathable materials can be warmer and more comfortable, but each to his own!

    Incidentally when i was up North recently I was driving through Brora and I noticed that Hunters had closed. Thats a shame as I remember seeing the photos from there in Glynn Satterley's book Highland Game. Great book that!

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    actually looking more closely I think the flectarn might be better on heather banks as not so pale......

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    i have a german flektarn parka and the camo allthough ive never waterproofed it ,,,is good its not as in your face! as some others if its dry ,,i have the advantage and mossy oak jack pike which i like as well but to be honest i just throw on whatevers comfy if its raining or hot etc,also two goretex brown green affairs,the flecktarn if waterproofed would be perfect for me especially with a veil as well,

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