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Thread: Have teckles been bred to keep a deer at bay... ?

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    Have teckles been bred to keep a deer at bay... ?

    skipping the tracking, scenting discussion. does anyone know or have experienced teckles keeping deer singular (or indeed plural), at bay. Or, from your experience, would they insanely lay into one?

    Can anyone confirm they could have been bred for rounding deer towards the shooter? I can't believe they are just tracking dogs.

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    No they are bred for hunting badgers.
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    Doesn't mean they won't have a crack at a deer if it stays still long enough.

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    As said bred for badgers. In Sweden they are used for roe hunting in the main i have hunted a few places where they were used to move red and fallow. They are used less so for fox, badger underground. Its not unknown for them to hunt moose but those that do have a short life span as a moose will bay and them stomp the teckle. The wire haired is the most popular for roe hunting followed by the short hair. Long hair teckles are mostly kept for pets. Teckles don't drive deer to the hunter. The hunter must know his ground and position themself where the deer are likely to run. Its about knowing your hunting ground.

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    I had a badly shot roe buck turn and have a go at my GWP last season, had never seen that before.
    Needless to say the wirehair wasn't impressed.

    A teckle could have been in trouble in similar circumstances.

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    I've seen teckels on driven boar hunts. They will lay into a wounded boar.


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    In the last roe rut I shot a buck with the last light. Next morning I tried to track it with my teckel, it was too thick and covered and we didn't succeed with the lead. I decided to let her go while I got back to the corn field where I took the shot and waited for her. Ten or so minutes later, I heard her barking. I ran into the wood and found her coming back for me. She then turned back anf took me to the buck. I just touched his shoulder superficially. She kept it at bay until I had the chance to dispatch the buck.

    I trained her for tracking deer and boar, but I didn't know she would react like that in such sitatuion. I was delighted with her, not with my poor shooting. Hope this experience helps.


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    I think they were actually bred for 'drawing' the badger, which was a different sport to digging it. I think u would send ur terriers down first and dig to the broc then call the terriers off and put the teckel in and u would pull the teckel and badger out together. I think back in the day some pubs woulld have artifical setts/a pipe and they would put a badger in and bet on which teckel would draw it out. The badgers werenae really harmed and released again (not like ur more modern sort of 'baiting')

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    I think that they are ideally worked alongside a larger dog such as a Gwp or Labrador etc that is capable of taking the pig or deer down and either holding it down or breaking it's back neck or throat.
    From what I have been told and seen in Germany, they are super little things for blood scenting. I've always liked them apart from their high cost to buy and their progressive back problems. I don't think I'd have time to help a dog over every step and fallen tree !

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Why help a dog over a fallen tree? Believe or not they smart enough to go under or around if they can't jump it and they can very well for their size.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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