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Thread: FAC Update

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    FAC Update

    A few weeks ago i returned my fac to Sussex Police to update it to include deer with a copy of my dsc1 and a copy of a letter giving permission to shoot deer from my local farmer. i have had .243 on open ticket for a few years for fox and thought it would be a simple matter of adding deer to my ticket. this is what i received,
    Dear Mr Parsons you have been conditioned to shoot deer only from a high seat or elevated position for a period of twelve months. this will allow you to shoot from a stable shooting platform to take a safe shot. at the end of 12 months you may apply to have the condition removed . however you must demonstrate competency and provide a record of date of your outings,type of ground stalked, weather conditions, ammunition expanded, quarry taken and means of disposal, photographic evidence would be benificial. Yours Sincerely Carol Popple.
    I have writted a long letter to sussex police complaining about the conditions and sent a copy to BASC i will let you know the outcome.
    I would be interested in What the forum thinks. regards geoff

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    Good grief, that's a new one!

    Is there anything particular about the land/safety that warrants high seat only?

    If not then it sounds ludicrous.


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    Hi Alex
    i have been shooting on the land for 20 odd years with no conditions attached. Alan booth at Basc know of this problem it seems that i am not the only person in sussex to have had this condition on my certificate he is trying to arrange a meeting with sussex police to sort it out.

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    May I wish you good luck as I feel your going to need it. The head of Sussex Firearms Licesing is a known looney who is rabidly anti gun and shooting. I take it Brian Ellis is still in the throne?

    You cannot reason with the man.

    Now if a quiet word from BASC does not good and I doubt if it will then may I suggest you speak to Adrian Dagger (01293-403399) a Solicitor who specialist in Firearms Law. He has a good history of beating Elis in court and taking costs from Sussex Police. Ellis will not be pleased to hear from Adrian .

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    Hi Brithunter Brian ellis has retired and i am dealing with carol Popple i will keep Adrians number in case it escalates that far i am hoping that common sence will prevail

    regards geoff

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    Blimey, sounds as though they want a more comprehensive evidence portfolio than you need for a DSC2!!

    Has Sussex suddenly become flatter than the Netherlands or summat? Or do you have giraffe-type deer on stilts in your part of the world??

    Good luck.....


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    Alan Booth has mentioned to me today, that they are having a meeting of minds with some people from the plods / potential next government types, with a view to standardisation of interpretations of the laws of the land.
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    Hi Finnbear 270

    lets hope that basc can sort it out.

    regards geoff

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    it sounds like you're in an incredibly arkward position. This whole situation is completely ridiculous! I understand the constabulary wanting to ensure that they are granting a certificate where it wil be used safely and responsibly, but surely even they can see that what they've suggested is impractical to the point of beig almost useless. Either you're safe and competant to use a firearm or you're not and therefore they should grant or decline your application in my book.

    DC .270

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    I wish you well and please let us know the outcome. Reminds me of the WPC who at coterminous renewal objected to me having a .410 on my SGC as that was too big a shotgun for deer! arghhhh..where do you start? This nation is......expletive expletive expletive....

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