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Thread: Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispensors For Sale

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    Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispensors For Sale

    Stainless hand towel dispensors,the type found in food hygiene establisments,used but no signs of new condition
    10 each +p&p
    Would be a nice touch to any larder/hygiene room!
    6 in total to sell...will do a deal if anyone wants to buy all 6
    Thanks for lookiing.


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    Are these for the round towels (the type that pull out from the middle) or the square ones?


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    I'd be interested, do we have a photo please?

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    Dont have any photo's guys but will ask my mate to send me some.
    They are the square type to take the oblong hand towels like you used to get in school.
    He mainly sells them to meat wholesalers etc.

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