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Thread: Tikka/CZ mounts

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    Tikka/CZ mounts

    Can anyone tell me, or have fitted, if hex clamp mounts (kozap etc) for a Tikka T3/595 will fit on a CZ 527. Am I right in thinking they are both 15/16mm dovetails ? Or will I have trouble with arrestor pins ?

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    If you search the Sportsmatch mounts website, you will find that both Tikka and CZ 527 have 15 mm dovetails, but the mounts are different in their arrestor pin system

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    I have both a t3 and cz550 and the mounts are different.
    If the cz527 is anything like the cz550, the rear mount has a recoil lug.
    I have a spare set of cz550 mounts for sale if their the same.

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    CZ550 has a 19mm dovetail, maybe the T3 mounts could be adapted.

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    check on cz uk ,i think you can drive out the pin but i would just get another set of rings to fit,atb doug,

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    Wish I could find a set of mounts, but low mounts for a CZ527 are like hens teeth. With the throw of the standard bolt handle, manufacturers just don't bother making low ones.
    Might just have to buy a set of low T3 mounts and see if the arrestor pin will move.

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    try sportsmatch they do cz rings ,if your stuck ring them,also just noticed below left a lad sparko was selling some 550 ?rings a while back try and pm him,
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    Sportsmatch do not do low mounts for either CZ or Tikka

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    pm stratts he had a set for 527

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    I've a set of Warne high mounts for cz527, if your interested pm me.

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