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Thread: which would you have back?

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    which would you have back?

    Just a little trip back down memory lane, what rifles have you had in the past that you sold and soon regretted parting with .For me it would have to be my old ruger 22mag which I got rid off in the need for more power that was twenty years ago and I wish I could justify getting another.

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    RPA Thumbhole Hunter in .308..... Never ever should have parted with it.

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    22lr Sako finnfire
    ATB Lee

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    An older model Ruger No 1 light sporter in 7X57 . It had gorgeous wood and shot better than I could . I'm still looking for a replacement .


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    A circa 1914 Parker VH 12 gauge on a #2 frame with 32" F&F barrels and an English straight grip stock . Bought it about ten days ago kept it maybe five days and let a friend buy it . Never even shot it !!!!

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    A Martini Enfield which had been converted to .22RF. Loved it, but sold it to help fund summat else.
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    BSA lee speed 303 it was old fashioned and I was young, it was beautiful it is own way I was stupid in my youth.

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    Easy, Mannlicher Professional in .270Win and 687 EELL 20g. I also miss my Sako 85 .243Win Varmint laminate stainless fluted but that was an estate rifle so not really mine.

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    Oh don't ask this one....Grade 6 325!! I still have the Grade 3 325 that I bought with the 6 but stupidly sold it as I made 300 profit on the 6 and 24 years ago 300 like to day is still a chunk of cash....

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    W35E with the nicest piece of walnut I've seen on an air rifle.


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