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Thread: 6.5 x 55 loads

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    6.5 x 55 loads

    I'm now in possession of some 6.5 x 55 dies and looking for some load data with Viht N160 and both 129gr SST and 140 gr sierra gamekings. Thanks.

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    check back on some older threads thats what ive been doing for mine ,i havnt started loading yet,to be honest ive no need the factory.s brilliant but im going to load some 120,b/t s and 140 g/kings as well just to compare,atb doug,ps i dont have any info on the n160 for those bullets you mentioned,
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    hi boarboy I load vit 160 44grns pushing a 140 sierra gamekings out of my sako 85 finlight tight groups I use on muntjac and fallow mus/vel 2640 ft per sec hope this helps

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    I'm using these loads at the minute with good results, 120g Ballistic Tip 45.0 grains of Vit N160, 129g SST 44.0 grains of Vit N160

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    With a 140 grain SST I am using 47.3 grains of N160 for now but that I will be testing some bigger charges at a later date. 47.3 grains in a Lapua case with a CCI BR-2 primer is good for 2730fps from my Blaser.

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    What length of barrel have you got on your 6.5 x55

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    120gn Sierra Pro Hunter, 38gn H4895, Federal 210 primers = 2650fps and .530" grouping over 50 rounds.

    A great round for the sauer 202 !

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    Ok. Just a query for those that know! I did some research on some factory ammo listings, and looking at velocities according to their websites I found the following: (I converted m/s to feet per second)

    bullet and make Velocity m/s. velocity fps

    norma 120BT 860. 2822

    RWS 127gr cone point. 885. 2903

    RWS 140hr twin core. 870. 2854

    Now, my question is, are these figures actually realistic or accurate as they seem quite high?? Only that most people that have posted their reload velocities on various 6.5x55 loads and threads seem to be around the 2700 fps mark.

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    The 120 and 127 seem perfectly feasible. The 140 looks on the high side.

    No idea on barrel length, but the ammo makers tend to go long on test barrels.

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    Out of a tika t3 with a factory 20inch barrel you would be hard pressed to get speeds like that

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