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    Thinking of a switch to 25-06, for a bit more terminal clout and extended range ..also hear the calibre is very flat shooting, as an ardent 308/243 user of many years standing, I am not certain if the 25-06 is the best choice? All comments gratefully received..quarry is fallow sika and roe, and reds later in Devon.Thanks guys and girls.

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    Please excuse me for repeating myself but having shot a 25.06 for a number of years, you will not go far wrong with one.

    Personally I think it is a great calibre, and will take anything you have mentioned no problem a 243 is a good calibre, and I have one, but for Fallow, Reds and the hardnut Sika a 25.06 is the one I choose and use.

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    I had a look at the data for the 2506 and with 100 gr bullets it is faster than a fast thing on amphetamine. with 120gr it is just shy of 3000.

    I don't know if it is a round i would choose. I think that it is too fast in 100gr. I think that when you step up in wieght to it's top weights 120gr. I think it is better to use a round firing a bullet in the middle of its capability. you might as well go for a .270.

    I have a 7mm08 and a 30-06. the 30-06 pushes 165 gr bullets at just shy of 3000 fps. they have a high ballistic coefficient and loads of knockdown power. that surely is flat shooting and heavy hitting.

    But then i have 3 stalking rifles and who am i to say! we all have different experiences. i like rifles that deliver a relatively heavy sof pointed bullet accurately at about 2800 fps.

    have a look at 7mm08 with 130 gr loads or 270 with 130s


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    Thanks for your views Sika Malc and swampy, much appreciated,the rifle I am interested in is a Sako Finnlight and as I have two Sako75s I was looking for a similar configuration, but lighter rifle with more clout than the 243, Cheers Guys

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    Ive just changed from a 243 to a 25-06 and Ive got to say I am well impressed. Im running 115grn bullets through it and have had no probs with it a great calibre and I have fired less than 40 rounds through it.


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    I have had 3 25-06's (one was a Callum Ferguson) and have just gone back to my .308 Sako 75

    25-06 is an ok calibre but if you want the voice of sensibility (you may not want a sensible head on) I would stick with the config you have at the mo. I don't reckon you can improve on it. I have used my .308 75 at extended range on deer when I had it set up with a Nihtforce on and it will do anything you want it to do in the UK.

    There is no holy grail of calibre out there apart from Han Solo's laser blaster and any of the mainstream cals are aye ok.
    You have got all bases covered already and you could put the money towards a hunt instead.

    Just my opinion.

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    Hi, jon2 absolute common sense there,I guess there is that tiny % in all of us that fancies a change.. I may well stick with .243 and .308 as they have served me well over the years, Thanks for taking the trouble to give your take on my dilemma, Cheers, Tony

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon2
    There is no holy grail of calibre out there apart from Han Solo's laser blaster and any of the mainstream cals are aye ok.
    You have got all bases covered already and you could put the money towards a hunt instead.
    There you go, a great big splash of supersense.


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    More common sense I'm afraid - I also shoot .243 and .308 Sakos as my main rifles and believe you won't go far wrong with them or do any better for use in the UK.

    Yes, on paper the .25-06 will be flatter than your .308 but only marginally so and you'll be using lighter bullets to do it. I would suggest that you won't notice the difference in the field. If you fancy more clout I'd go up another notch and consider a WSM, or perhaps a 7mm Rem Mag or .300 Win Mag. The latter is about as much gun as I would care to shoot on a regular basis. That said if you're sticking within the UK you will only be killing deer as well as you have done with your two existing Sakos.

    If you have some spare cash around at the moment I would consider putting it towards better glass if you need to or a hunt as Jon suggested.

    Kind regards,


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    The question asked was about changing a 243 for a 25.06. In which case a 25.06 will out shoot and hit harder than a 243. But a 308 is a perfectly good calibre as well, one does not need common sense to know that if you have been stalking long enough

    I have a 243, 25.06, 270, 303 and a 375 all of which I love to shoot and hunt with, nothing wrong with owning another calibre, you can never have enough gun

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