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Thread: Nz pigs

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    Nz pigs

    Went out for the first time after pigs, they had torn up a mates farm pasture, managed theses three, while the other eight will have to wait till we catch up with them , I used my 270 and 130g federals, first was standing still the other two were running, two shoulder shoots and one in the chest but came out by the back leg , as youngsters they should make good eating.

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    Glad to hear your getting out and about, I assume the container arrived and your now all settled in, had a google of the local area looks like a pretty varied bit of countryside so plenty to keep you entertained. atb

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    Hi Rick container is still with customs, other wise the bow may have been in use, the area was opononi on the loop road, very hilly surrounded by bush.

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    We'll have been back for another look, got three in the morning, then lounged in the local volcanic hot pools, for a hour,then another two in the evening, this pig hunting is tiring work.

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    Yeah sound like a right pain in the arse, did you get a chance to try the bow on them yet?

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    Not yet are you coming to visit.

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    End of Nov, but may get in a week early to have a mooch about, will keep you posted on dates.

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