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Thread: Howa 1500 .270 Mag Conversion.

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    Howa 1500 .270 Mag Conversion.

    Hiya, Anyone tell me if their is a mag conversion kit for the above gun in S/A, Hogue stock, BUT, in .270 calibre ??

    Looked everywhere, with no success...

    Thanks guys..

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    Have you tried highland outdoor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Have you tried highland outdoor?
    Hiya, Looks like they only supply to the trade...and cant see mags for the 270, I've no idea if any others would do the job...

    HOWA Magazine floor plate

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    i was told they only do a conversion for short actions at cla game fair last year. i wanted one for my .270 aswell.

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    I'm led to believe they can be bought in the US...might be a thing to get on my next visit's not for me, but a mate. Tho, must admit his gun is lovely, and I've got a variation in for a 270 as well.... ...

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    I don't think they do a mag for .270 at all.

    Sorry cant be much more help.

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    Try Callum at PRS. He imports the Wyatt magazine systems. They may do one for Howa LA.

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    I have the Howa in 308 flavour with the floor plate.
    My own opinion is that if you convert to a magazine it spoils the look of the rifle with it sticking out of the bottom where as the floor plate is flush.
    Just my opinion mind you and I am sure there will be other opinions

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    I asked recently in several gunshops - appears it's short action only as already said.

    Would you be able to bring it back from the US, I know they have some funny things on the ITAR list.

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    hi. a long action magazine conversion can be brought for 270, 30/06. weatherby make them whch also fit the howa aswell. sportsman gun centre have some in at the minute as i have just oredered one.

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