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Thread: High expectations fo new season

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    High expectations fo new season

    I have been spying round the permission to prepare for the new season on the wild boar. The season opens in July and the coming weeks the regional counting of the wild boar takes place. I spotted a couple of nice groups of 20 - 23 wild boar in certain areas, also several single sows with 5 to 7 piglets. Looks like the high amount of forestfood (nuts mainly) and the mild winter really did the boar good.
    Found a nice wallow in the woods, also loads of red deer activity there. I know some nice heads are in that area, never could get my crosshairs on it when they where in season .

    Made a nice video of a 3 to 4 year old keiler chasing the sow and piglets on the feeding area but cannot figure out how to put it on the site, any help would be appriciated. For now you have to do it with the pictures.
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    I think your going to be very busy in july!!!!nice pics,atb doug,

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    It should be a good year for boar. As said a mild winter again and still young males showing at the feeder.

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