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Thread: Complete new Photon XT set-up with doublers.

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    Complete new Photon XT set-up with doublers.

    I have used these Photons since they came out and have been very happy with them. Last September I bought a new XT model with the improvements but after looking through it I didn't like the reticule compared to the original Photon so never used it. I listed it here for sale last week but when I checked it after listing it for some reason it wouldn't work so I withdrew it from sale. It went back to Thomas Jacks and was replaced with a new one under warranty so Im now selling a complete set-up that includes a brand new Photon XT which I received 3 days ago with paperwork to prove its brand new and 2 days old.

    What Im listing here is everything you will need to get the best out of these units with the exception of batteries so here goes.

    1x new unused Photon XT (2 days old)
    1x Yukon 1.7x doubler (new last September and never used)
    1x Marky adaptor (new last September and never used)
    1x set of Sportsmatch ATP66 adjustable mounts (new last September and never used)
    1x 850 Oslon black IR torch (used vgc)
    1x telephoto doubler lens for the IR (new never used)
    1x weaver mount for IR to Photon. (used vgc)

    To buy this lot new would cost over 700.

    I will sell this lot for 500 plus 10 postage but Im not interested in splitting it up, it has to go as a complete package.

    I forgot to include the ATP66 mounts in this picture but you can see them here, these allow you to zero the Photon properly without losing any of the image down the sides or along the top/bottom.

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    Which reticle is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    Which reticle is it?
    There is a choice of about 10 different electronic reticules, my problem was none of them are like the original which I grew to like otherwise I wouldn't be selling it.

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    elmer if your after one of the original photons i have one for sale-comes with Marky adaptor-doubler lens T20 3 mode with adjustable mount 260 posted.

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    If you do end up splitting i am interested in the doubler.

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    And id be interested in just photob no extras if price is right

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    I would consider taking some shooting related stuff against this package, Im looking for a good tactical scope or even a rifle in the likes of a nice 22LR, 17 Rem, 20 cal or 223 fast twist and Im happy to put cash into it as needed

    What have you got sitting around gathering dust?

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    Thanks for your interest guys, everything now sold.

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