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Thread: Muntjac Skull?

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    Muntjac Skull?

    My wifes cousin found this the other day. Or should I say his dog did(and wouldn't give it up without a fight) near Berkhampstead.

    I think it's a Munty and a good one at that but I could be wrong!


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    Yes its a muntjac and looks to have been a decent buck too. Judging by the length of the antlers.

    Lots of good woods around Berkhampstead providing some top notch nosh.

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    its the beast of Berkhampstead

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    That's pretty much the response he got when he put the pic on Facebook!


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    Easiest way to tell for sure would be to look for the canine teeth.

    The antlers look are long. It might just be the photo but the are that long that I would have expected them to show a more pronounced backward curve towards the top.


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    From the length of the pedicles he looks like an old boy. Did you get a look at the teeth Mick?

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    Definately muntjac, nice buck in way of length of antler but spindly.Wouldnt complain if it was in my sights!

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