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Thread: Optilock Rings Sako 75/IV

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    Optilock Rings Sako 75/IV


    Looking from a pair of Optilock 30mm medium bluedscope mount rings to suit a Sako 75, 25.06 - if anyone is looking to sell?

    They need to be in good nick!

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    are re you looking for new or second hand

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    Hi Sivell,

    Either, dependant on the price. Second hand would be fine as long as the insert liner bands are not crushed, all the machine screws are there and the threads and heads are not rounded/stripped or damaged.

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    Might be able to help with a new set. Will have to check the ring height. What scope is it for?

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    3-12 x 56 Meopta Meostar.

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    Sorry Ewich, looks like low rings. I have got separately a set of bases if that helps?

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    Thanks for checking. I am ok for bases but thanks anyway.

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    I've got a set of your still looking, they are new though.

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    PM sent.

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