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Thread: with a little luck !

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    with a little luck !

    afternoon all ,

    does anyone know of know of any gold medal roe bucks from norfolk ?

    the reason im asking is i have shot a very big roe buck on my own permission yesterday south of norwich , i preped the trophy straight after i lardered the deer , and after 24hrs in the airing cubord ive got a weight of 520g .

    now i usually only see this buck 2-3 times a year and last year i didnt see him at all , i saw him for the first time in 2010 on sunday afternoon with the wife to be while looking for scruffy yearling bucks .

    ive been stalking the ground for 4-5 yrs and have culled out alot of rubbish so maybe all my hard work will not have been for nothing ! i know ive got another buck of simlar size near by so im not worried about losing the breeding stock ,im no means a trophy hunter but this time i couldnt resist !

    not that im counting my chickens , but one can only dream it might just make gold with a smidge of luck !

    we will see in 90 days time !

    cheers lee
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    hope you get your gold it sounds like you have certainly put the work in for it but even if it dosnt make a gold its a good buck none the less

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    i dont know anything about medal heads tbh but it is a cracking buck, fair play to ya

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    I hope im wrong but looking at it with the current weight I dont think it will make a gold but its definatley a medal. It should score highly for pearling colour and looks. Please let us know when you get it scored. Many congratulations its a trophy to be proud of. FM.

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    jee that's cleaned up beautifully lee. So it didn't lose much in the drying eh. Text book bit of satlking that, even if it was pretty 'no bull****'!

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    Very nice head that mate but sadly i need to agree with Fallowm,oor not the weight that a gold needs your really looking for it to be close to 600grms after the 90 days. But it should make a medal and if its been because you have removed pour stuff from your ground then a bigger medal is possible in the future

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    Nice Buck, well done, it looks like all the hard work is paying off. However I have to agree with Choc and Fallowm, it is a nice head but in my opinion its unlikely to make gold. But I would say that you have taken a medal head, so its not all bad news, and please let us know what it makes once it has dried out and been measured.

    Good luck for the future with your ground, sounds like your management plans are working.



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    It is without doubt a nice trophy buck but i doubt it making a gold but may be wrong , Looking at the photos though it should be a medal but with photo its hard to tell.
    When its dried out properly and been measured I think we would all be interested to know how it faired.
    Good Luck

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    Hi Lee
    I have taken bigger with my catapult
    Well done mate it looks very good will you be allowed wall space ?
    see you soon.

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    Cheers lads , I knew I would get a fair and honest response ! I'm now thimking it won't make gold but I don't care it was a good stalk and I saw fair few more roe on the way back to the truck , so more work to be done ! Paul , The pinifor government doesn't have a lot of say mate its already on the wall ! Cheers lee

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