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Thread: Parker Hale Floor plate conversion for 1300c Scout

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    Parker Hale Floor plate conversion for 1300c Scout

    Does anyone out there have the following for a floor plate conversion for my Parker Hale 1300 Scout before I contact Bill at Norman Clarks.

    I believe most of the floor plates and associated parts will fit.

    Trigger guard / bottom Metal
    Magazine platform spring
    Magazine platform
    Floor plate
    Floor plate pin



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    Be very interested how you get on with this as I bought a moulded/engraved floor plate for my 1300C only to find that it will not fit in the stock as its too small.
    The floor plate is tapered toward the front of the mag well where the 1300c stock has a pretty much square cut out i.e. no taper.
    If you plan to change the stock then this may/may not be a problem.

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    Email Norman Clarke he's got some.

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