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Thread: Latest relaod bullet drop 6.5

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    Latest relaod bullet drop 6.5

    Just loaded up some 120 grain pro hunters in 6.5 x 55 with 49 grain of Vit 160, chrono at around 2900ps. Had the following.

    zero 150 yard

    @ 200 yard drop was 1.5-2 inch low

    @ 300 yard drop was 12 inch low

    @ 100 yard more just under an inch high.

    Im guessing thats about the resuts I should be getting? Would I be correct?

    I also had a few rounds fly either left or right of my point of aim and slighty high, would this be trigger snatching or maybe the barrel starting to warm up??



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    sounds good. Factory federals with 140grn bullets with a 100yd zero were giving me a 5 inch drop at 200 yds, so your reloads seem to offer a much flatter trajectory.

    What primers were you using, as i have the brass, same heads and powder on order.



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    Im using cci primersand have taken the load to over 50 grain with no pressure signs,the only warning signs I had was at the lower end of the scal around 36 grain when I got alot of blackening far down the case body.
    V160 seems a really good powder, I had used varget before but this powder seems far better and cleaner burning.Rilfe is a ikka T3lite.
    The code for the bullet heads I used is Sierra 1720 and they seem as accurate as the match round.

    Good luck with loads


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    Try sighting in "American" style: Three inches high at 100 yards. That will flatten out your end game quite a bit.~Muir

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    Have you tried entering your load details in this;

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