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Thread: Inspired by a pine Martin

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    Inspired by a pine Martin

    Well I was inspired by pine martins cwd mount and saw a mount over the last week that was similar but I've put my own twist to what I think looks ok what do the SD members think .a pal turned me this bowl many years ago and I am really pleased to give the burr an extra occupant
    cheers Norma

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thats looks great. If i had that I'd have to tell the kids it was a sabre tooth tiger.

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    Like that



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    Nice trophy and it looks cracking there sat on that nice wood bowl.

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    I'm honoured that my improvised design provided you with inspiration. And I believe yours has two points more than mine, congratulations! I think it's certainly something with the potential to scare guests who stumble across it unexpectedly at night whilst looking for the toilets. Make sure you place it so that it's lit atmospherically.
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    Thanks pm there you go again I might put an led in the skull now you've mentioned lighting it .
    cheers Norma

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    I like it a lot but would prefer to see the medal somehow integrated into the head support structure beneath the skull rather than on the bowl.


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    Looks very good, hoping I'm going to get onto a nice CWD in November.

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