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Thread: Sauer 202 TAKE DOWN ELEGANCE

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    For Sale SAUER 202 TAKE DOWN ELEGANCE cal 30-06 features:steel receiver,monte carlo stock with cheek piece in wood cat 4,luxurywood fore-endand pistol grip cap, jewelled bolt swept back bolt handle, detachable magazine with metal base barell length 56 cm .Rifle its 2 years old and has fired no more than 50 cartridges ,comes as seen in the pictures, the sale includes the bases and mounts (EAW),the scope can be purchase separately. Looking for 3350 pounds
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image-3bb85fb14cc4e25d06a1a82534483860e069231934a65d8873750af7e4ce3d60-V.jpg   image-3cafb045b633ebb082b7e3c64dd71d84a22201ce7cad77e7752ce3879e43852e-V.jpg   image-7ac07b5a13d128b39be7fb83d690dbde6f529159a3b110f1078021ba7c1ae349-V.jpg   image-281a798894b456d9f1f2f51ac116672c891fd2b67c498370eb7ec972d61184ca-V.jpg   image-531b96a2193e6e4002378536f54a281976d968963c0cfa8f10db4427fa19e67d-V.jpg  

    image-7138d2c8602423fded6b69eeafab2b0b504637d84a486ff63ed49c57f8c333d5-V.jpg   image-64395ea31a6302d5e6331b52d3119b6b58b932d14d57528a9d5625e3667703dc-V.jpg   image-20255688951a3211e18005a6252ea3ccfc0e9496fb740766f97ea52552dd7a34-V.jpg   image-a764f892e21b0fbf4075316e2e5709cd39336972379fd8ba19e6e518ac3388a7-V.jpg   image-b10b79a2c2c5974d21289d77ec97350bdb5eb1a6b3bb796c35a30a678d52f11e-V.jpg  

    image-fa382bc58d1ca202e0c51ebcc4e904c98623ede6f794218aa85dfc4e8de7f119-V.jpg   image-ff253306f9fe16a074e40946c525b3de6aff51de9633ca21db455cae4894ae20-V.jpg  

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    Beautiful gun, does it come with a 308 barrell? What spec scope and what price for the full setup? What is the reason for sale?

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    It does say it's 30.06.........
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Temptation is a wicked thing. Lovely bit of engineering. Is the price ono ?

  5. #5 that's my email address ...pleasse contact me for any details

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    Scope its Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 with ASV +,rail...scoupe its 1year old the price just for a scoupe its 1200...complete package 4550 ...price it's negotiable
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    Thanks, however my upstanding is the Sauer Takedown is sold with multiple interchangeable question was what other calibre barrels are included?

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    Rifle its sold ,pending the paper work....scope its still available at 1200+shipping costs..No offers

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    It's still for sale then?

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