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Thread: How long before returning to spot after culling a deer?

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    How long before returning to spot after culling a deer?

    Hi all

    how long do you leave it before stalking the same field after having culled an animal? an hour? A day? A week?

    Just wondering as as have culled a few deer in one spot and each time there has been a few days before we've seen them again? Not sure if that's the times we have been there or if the deer stay away for a while?


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    i think its more of a how long is a peice of string question your asking, if your finding that on your ground it takes a couple of days for the deer to return then thats your answer, others may see no change in deer habits after shooting an area some longer for the deer to return. if it were me i would have no problems returning to an area the next day, i wouldnt re-stalk an area the same day regaurdless as to weather i had killed on it or not but giving the deer the cover of darkness to creep back in would be enough for me that said tho the vast majority of deer i stalk are roe which are known for not going to far other species may be differnt

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    I'd say there's no set rules.
    Depends on a few variables
    species of deer for example.
    As I assume your talking about either roe or red down these ways, I'd say roe are more resident and less lightly to flee an area, after you have shot another animal in the same area.
    However if I shoot a dominate buck in an area, I would normally leave it a week or two for things to settle down.
    I had a small group of hinds and calves frequently visiting some silage fields at the end of the stag season. They were seen there almost every day, and the farmer wanted them moved on, so all it took was for me to drop a stag calf and they haven't been seen since.

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    I have seen deer again very close to where I have shot one, within a couple of hours. I so make a point of waiting for a good 10 to 15 minutes to let any other deer move off, or at very least not to associate the shot with man and dead deer. Indeed I have shot a deer and the rest of herd have looked up run a few yards and then settle down again and carry on grazing.

    I also think if you are going to deliberately bump deer, don't creep in and then spook them, rather walk noisely and normally and the will just quietly just move off.

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    Like others have said no real answer will depend on individual site. Species of deer, deer density, time of year, habitat/crop ur shooting them over, surrounding habitat etc will all make a difference

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    I think it varies as has been said above. I once shot one roe 8.30pm and another 6.30am following morning out of the same field almost on exactly the same spot. Also saw a couple of others around the area too.

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    As above. This weekend, shot a buck at 19:30 on Friday, shot another at 10:00 on Saturday, within 5 metres of the (very obvious) blood patch from the night before.

    And I'm sure I'm not the only one to have taken a shot from cover, waited for companion (out of season) animals to clear off, and then shot a second that's wandered into sight.

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    how long is a piece of string?
    shot two in the same spot one before breakfast one straight after
    have cleared an areas for weeks before too!

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    I shot a Muntjac buck on Friday, he was chasing a doe around. It is local to me and on my route checking for pigeons. I will cast an eye over the scrape marks for any fresh dropping's.
    In a week I will put up a trail camera...Just like the lads following the girls in the night club lol

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    Roe are very scent orientated and as selective bulk feeders do move round their whole territory very regularly. with both sexes being territorial in my experience other deer seem to pick up very quickly if you have removed the main male or female from a area and quite quickly push into the vacated territory, probably does depend on the general surrounding density .

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