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Thread: Nomad Stalking Smock Clearance - Scott Country International

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    Nomad Stalking Smock Clearance - Scott Country International

    Hi all

    We have a clearance stock of Nomad Stalking Smocks, which before they go on Ebay we thought we would offer them to the forum.

    They will be Ebayed on Wednesday so if you are interested please do not delay.

    Nomad Stealth Quad Rider (Olive) RRP 269.99 100 OFF RRP

    Clearance Price 169.99 (Inc free UK Next Day Delivery)

    M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL (only one or two of each size left so be quick)

    The latest addition to the Nomad Stealth Stalking clothing range, the new Nomad Stealth Quadrider stalking smock.

    The Nomad Quadrider smock is specifically designed for tough conditions whether you are stalking on a remote hill, or on a quad bike on the farm controlling foxes on cold wet winter evenings.

    Made from Stealth waterproof and breathable fabric which has now seen 14 stalking seasons without a single leak.

    Lightweight, windproof, waterproof and breathable, the Nomad Quadrider stalking smock is functionally designed to be durable, long lasting and totally dependable, making them great value for money and luxuriously comfortable.

    Nomad Stealth Hooded Smock (Olive) RRP 329.99. Massive Saving of 130 off RRP

    Clearance Price 199.99 (Inc free UK Next Day Delivery)

    M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL (only one or two of each size left so be quick)

    The Nomad Stealth Hooded Smock is designed for woodland and roe stalking where you need an outer garment which is both lightweight and quiet as well as highly durable and offers extreme protection from the elements, whilst being highly breathable, allowing you to remain active, when carrying a roe off the hill, or transporting heavy equipment.

    Designed on the traditional stalking smock style, the Nomad Hooded Stalking Smock features Raglan sleeves and a generous cut for ease of movement on the hill.

    The hooded smock has been specifically tailored with numerous design and practical features aiding not only to practicality when stalking, but for complete comfort in use.

    Nomad UK use the Ventflex coating and laminates to provide complete protection, offering a garment which is not only 100% waterproof and windproof, but highly breathable to allow your body to perspire heat without your skin becoming chilled, cold and clammy with sweat.

    Lightweight, long lasting and high performance is proven in over 14 years of this fabric use without a single leak.

    Ridgeline Monsoon Elite 2 Smock Teak and Olive RRP 199.99 Save 100 on RRP

    Clearance Price 99.99 (Inc free UK Next Day Delivery)

    To order CALL 01556 50 3587 or 01556 50 3175

    These prices are NOT advertised on our website so order by phone only


    Scott Country Sales Team

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    Just wanted to recognise, and thank Scott Country, for their excellent customer service, in regards to the above sale of clothing....

    I ordered a Ridgeline Smock very late in the day, when they were really busy despatching orders, and was told it was to be sent DPD that night, but received a call within 5 minutes of my order to say that the stock was not actually available - due to them selling out faster than could be accounted for. However, as a offer of goodwill, Paul advised he would send out a Nomad Hooded Smock, by way of apology, and to honour the original order of a smock style jacket.

    So, I was absolutely chuffed to bits to receive the promised Nomad Smock today, and can only thank Scott Country for their integrity, and in the way that they dealt with my order.... Thank you very much, for what was a very generous commitment deliver, on a very limited order.

    All the best.

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    I had a similar first-class experience this week with Uttings.

    It's nice to hear these sort of reports, rather than just the normal brickbats, and it certainly influences me in the choice of retailers I use, so many thanks for posting this.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Hello Dom.

    It is never nice to be disappointed by a vendor for sure, but often, how a problem is resolved, is more indicative of that vendors` reputation, than why the error / mistake was made in the first place. I have no qualms about recommending Scott Country, or using them again myself at all. They have proved themselves to be a first class vendor - not because I benefitted on this occasion, as they could have just offered my money back and closed it there, but because they went above, and way beyond what I expected them to do by way of recompense.... To me that is putting their customers before their profit margin, and as a result they will get repeat business from me.

    All the best.


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    Received my smock yesterday, many thanks for a great deal and even better service


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