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Thread: how long before you go for a dog

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    Cool how long before you go for a dog

    Hi guys went out last night planning going to a highseat for last 2 hours before dark ,big jersey n jacket on .but walked past seat to have a look across 2 fields first and 3ooyrds away a roe grazing on the edge of a wood stalked in maybe not close enough crossed a river and took a shot from the bank. Heard the bullet strike roe jumped , ran 40 yrds then in behind trees out of this point I was hoping to find a dead roe but no sign , started looking for animal and blood signs at last sight but nothing moved 15 yrds each way heading up to the top of the brae seeing nothing atthe top a roe got up and dissappeared into very rough ground out of sightat this point I thought this is maybe a job for a proffessional dog not me with mine.started to worry and sweat like hell now, still got big jersey n jacket on, combed all over rough ground but seen nothing doubled back to where I last seen roe cursing myself for not going to the highseat and not knowing wether to go for my dogs ( 2 bitches) and maybe ruin any track or make a phone call.started hunting about shot sight for blood but nothing to b seen , 45 mins since shot taken when all I seen was a white arse lying in the long grassfarther along the wood stone dead with a slightly low chest shot 15 k when clean I think in future I go home for my dogs sooner save a lot of sweating n cursing but at least a happy ending

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    There's lots of useful information on our sticky thread that might get you out of a sticky situation. Uksha follow up and strike site
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    Depends how many pints I've had
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    There are at least two very good tracking groups available to deer stalkers at the moment. There is lots of information regarding what to do after the shot and how long to wait. There is no reason for stalkers not to pick the phone up and ask for some help looking for lost deer. Tony from UKTDR Is a good bloke and will give his advice and time to any one intrested in tracking with dogs.
    ATB Sean

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    Get yourself a laser rangefinder and make sure you are within your limitations when you take the shot. There should never really be a need for a dog to find a wounded animal then. Sure, animals will still run and die in obscure hidden places, but at least they are dead. You got away with it this time, but the element of doubt clearly raised question with yourself over your choice of shot?
    Know your limits and remain within them and you should rarely need a dog. That said, the UKSHA are never too far away and are very happy to help! Good result for you though which is all part of life's education.

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    Cant understand why people have to go home and get a dog. I all ways stalk with at least 1 dog(usually 3) walking at heel. That way if you need to follow up quickly with a dog there are no delays. The dog can often indicate unseen deer too so can often add to the chances of success. A third class dog is better at finding dead or wounded deer than a 1st class person. I think that it the law should be if you shoot deer, then you should have a trained dog with you. Pleased you found the beast and well done for not giving up

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    I can't understand why you wouldn't want a dog along every time ? That is legal and accepted in the UK, take full advantage of it.

    In the US we are forbidden from using dogs on deer in many states. I have blood trailed a lot of deer, and would gladly trade the hours wasted slow tracking.

    With waterfowl owl I always have one of my labs, and use them even when don't have to (well, except for those birds that drop at your feet).

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    Don,t shoot at last light and if you do have a good light with you, blood tracking deer can be difficult, but is possible over quite a long range if you work hard enough, when would I go for the dog ?,

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    I love bringing the dog for many reasons, but there are days when it's just not convenient having a big yellow dog with me, usually determined by the number if dog-impassable fences, ie, lifting big labs over 10 fences isn't all that fun and gets a bit loud messing about with equipment etc.

    i know in Denmark its law to have a dog with you and last shot must not fall even a minute after sunset, giving all the more chances of finding wounded deer...that said, my game book would be a lot less complete if I could not shoot before or after sun times

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    Having the dog with me is part of stalking. She is a source of company, information and confidence. It can be a slight issue when we spot deer from a high seat which are not suitable candidates, she doesn't understand this and can make her dissatisfaction clear but doesn't seem to do it on the ground.

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