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Thread: Reason I've been a bit quiet lately!!

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    Reason I've been a bit quiet lately!!

    We're going away next week to the new forest camping and I have been under pressure to get the camper and caravan ready, so the shooting has had to take a back seat unfortunately. As is always the case when working on projects time seems to creep up and bite you somewhat.

    So, I've been spending any spare time recently turning this

    With a little help from these

    Into this

    And we'll also be towing this

    So if you get stuck in a ten mile tail back heading towards The New Forest this Saturday morning it'll probably be my fault!!

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    looks awesome, we used to have a 1978 microbus, really nice way to holiday, the ex took it when she went though.......b~#ch.
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    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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    Superb well done on you your very talented stratts .

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    That's excellent that M. Nice to see the portable larder at the back too.
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    that looks great mate

    I've always wanted to have my own little 'man van' to escape and be able to sleep over close to the hunting area!

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    Going by the photos, you have done a really good job on it, well done.

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    good job! i have friends who love those vans and would be very jealous!

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    Why are they not painted green??


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    Nice VW!

    If you fancy a free pitch for a night, drop me a PM. Got a place just off the NE corner of the forest, no services but nice quiet spot.

    Hope you have a great time, if you need to know where anything is or what to see or get a problem I can always help, just drop us a line.


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