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Thread: Stud fees, cocker?

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    Stud fees, cocker?

    My tri coloured cocker bitch is on heat.
    considering two options for matting.

    Used the same stud as last time,
    well know breeder, dog health checked, had some nice pubs. The dog has plenty of strength and is well tempered. Also tri coloured 350

    Used the wife's sisters fellas dog.
    golden, good ped and temp,
    closer to me. Not health tested.
    He said he wants the cost of a pub, so at 400-500 this doesn't seem like a good deal.
    if I was to do down this root, what's a relestic stud fee?

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    Thought cost of a pup or pick of the litter was pretty usual?

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    If its all about money then go to the best ftch around. It will cost about 400 and the pups will sell.

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    I think this is changing slightly these days, it always used to be price of a pup, but I know a lot of the more expensive breeds that sell for the 7-800 mark seem to now have a set rate of 400 odd regardless..

    your question sounds like a no-brainer though, you have a health checked dog with provenance for 350 or some extended families untested dog for more money??? I know which I'd use.
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    Just had my lab mated ......stud dogs owner gets a pup !

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    I have always done price of pup or pick of litter.

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    Why change from a proven stud (with your bitch)?
    That fee is reasonable too.

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    Surely it's not about the cost. You should be aiming for a dog with good health and temperament which will be a good worker. Given the 2 dogs you can use I would go with the stud dog you have used before. If you don't want to use this dog then bide your time and get the right dog lined up before she is next in heat. Also bear in mind the better the quality of the pups the more likely you are to get them homed and at a possible better price so in the long run the cost to mate you will get back.

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