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Thread: Humane Dispatch Pistol Question

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    Humane Dispatch Pistol Question

    Those that have one that is NOT aligned to work/employment (i.e. Slaughtermen, Vets, Pest Controllers etc)

    Do you have restrictions on WHERE you can use it? i.e. detailed location restrictions?

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    No locacion restrictions on mine

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    only restricted to 2 shot

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    None on mine only 2 shot, just states dispatch of trapped and wounded animals

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    none on mine, atb wayne
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    Anyone in scotland with restrictions to location?

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    when I renewed my fac the FEO stated that if I wanted a humane dispatch pistol on my ticket the chief constable would fight it tooth and nail , no way would he allow it under any cicumstance, I told him no problem as I didn't want one anyway, but the remark stuck in my mind ...... this was Fife btw

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    Well I have one but I am told that as it is not used for my employment it has to be restricted to specified locations....
    how fecked up is that?!

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    What do they imagine is the use of that condition.
    Without going into detail, what kind of locations ?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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