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Thread: picatinny rail

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    picatinny rail

    Can anyone tell me if there,s a picatinny rail for a cz 17 hornet,if so where can i get one from.

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    What size are the dovetails? What model number is the rifle?

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    Think theyre 16mm dovetails,model b346422

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    You can get a dip 16mm rail for the cz from

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    Might you be persuaded to settle for one of these and put a decent set of mounts & rings on your Brno please??

    VLMS Picatinny Bracelet - MIL-SPEC MONKEY STORE


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    Try here...

    Homepage - Optics Warehouse

    Give them a ring, nice people, very helpful.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby18 View Post
    Think theyre 16mm dovetails,model b346422
    That sounds like the serial number of the rifle, not the model number. If it's a CZ 527, I think you might not get a rail that fits direct, but have to use adapters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palo View Post
    You can get a dip 16mm rail for the cz from
    Ive used kinneys three times, delivery is swift.

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