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    Hi im about to renew my firearms and shotgun certs , But checking its either wait for a pack ok , or fill in form 201 if so you/me put whom JOE BLOGGS ? for them to contact for a reference , or Do you have to use the pack and is there a special form in the pack to give to a referee to complete . which is more like an application NOT a renewal . I have filled in form 201 got 2x refs and thought I just sent it off , but admin say contact FEO to come and collect it ??? . So totally confused as to if I fill in and post then wait for a visit or Find the pack thingy fill in and wait for my FEO to visit and collect . Sounds more complicated than the original application lol .

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    Send off your forms as usual but NOT your FAC, keep this untill it expires or you get your new one, your FEO might request you hand it to him on his visit but then you are going to have to think to yourself how long is this application going to take, how long am i going to be without a FAC in my hand, what if i need to buy ammo??? Your FAC is legally your property and you have every right to hang on to it untill it expires if that is your choice to do so.


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    bongo google renewals 202 i know its 201 but gmp will pop up and all the info what to do fill it in get four photos signed etc its all on there,atb doug then cross everything youve got till it returns!

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    You don't give your referees forms to fill in any more. Those are the old forms. You just need to fill in their details on your application now. The form for renewals is the same as the form for initial grants. The shotgun and firearms forms are the same now too. There's a few places you can download them and get a head start if you haven't got your renewal pack yet. One of the very few improvements in the process are the new forms. By no means perfect, but a sight better than the previous ones.

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    Interactive form 201 which might be useful to some people.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FORM 201 August 2014  INTERACTIVE.pdf  

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    Interactive form 201 which might be useful to some people.
    Awesome. Thank you.

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    TRY AGAIN , froze on me and lost it all . Sorry folks for late reply and thanks for all your help and info , I got sorted in the end after mis-guidance from firearms licencing but a lady there who knew what she was doing helped . Its form 201 as Pedro said just nominate your referees same with land owner if its the same as original application land they don't need to sign good reason form , don't need photos signed I believe yourself sign one , your FEO will collect so once your ready notify them of that and arrange visit and collection of renewal form 201 and they take away for processing , help notes are form 201a . and you don't need a signed copy of your shotgun cert as I read somewhere ???? . again thanks and hope this helps anyone whos not sure like I was .

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    Advise notification of FEO by email with ping back on receipt. In these days of delays and staff shortages it might be crucial if the renewal deadline isn't met and the FLD are reluctant to issue a S7 Permit.

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    Why not just get the renewal forms in to them by recorded delivery 10 weeks in advance of your expiry date?

    Personally not one who embraces change BUT I found the new system easy?

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    Because, in common with a number of Forces, the process for the OP has changed:

    Quote Originally Posted by bongo View Post
    your FEO will collect so once your ready notify them of that and arrange visit and collection of renewal form 201 and they take away for processing
    You don't send the forms in, you now notify them that you have them and the FEO arranges to visit and collect them. If the FEO doesn't get the message, or is delayed for any other reason, then the clock is already ticking. The applicant needs to ensure he has some form of paper trail to prove that he started the process in good time otherwise they could refuse a S7 Permit if it goes beyond the expiry date.

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