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    Information/knowledge of remington`s newish trigger, the "X-MARK PRO".

    Thanks in advance
    TONY M

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    I had a 700vs with a trigger like that. I measured it as breaking at 8Lb and adjustment didn't realy improve it much. Remington didn't want to know and I don't see the point in buying a new rifle and having to immediately replace the trigger. It put me off Remington for good.

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    Totally agree with you, fortunately i really like this gun and the engineering of the trigger is very, very good.
    TONY M

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    My angle grinder should sort it out.
    Cut it up as a last resort.

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    I was speaking to a friend yesterday that was talking about American rifles. He said that the trigger pulls are engineered to be heavy due to the number of Americans that own them and the chances of a major law suit due to a miss-fire. I have no idea whether this is the case but it unfortunately sounds possible!

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    OLD GIT, sorry; OLD MAN, Freudian slip?
    I have been thinking over your suggestion of using an angle grinder to cure the ill`s of my remmy trigger. If you could be more specific please, as to the size and type of disc needed, also the minimum weight of lump hammer to use?
    I would of thought that after thirty years as an "engineer" you`d have quite a selection of big hammers!
    Ohh, talking of triggers, will you bloody well slow down on mine when we`re on the range!! Its a quid a pull!! and its my ammo! My poor bolt action is going like a gattling gun, and then to cap it all, I end up paying for lunch!!!!
    By the way, are you and your wife still going to adopt me???--please?
    See you at Garlands tomorrow mate.
    TONY M.

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    I have a large selection of big hammers not all suitable for correcting Remmy triggers. Why don't you buy a decent rifle like an old Parker in a serious calibre and be done with it.
    I know you are loaded. You need to be to go anywhere with me!
    I'm old and broke and my eyes are going but I still shoot rifles better than you.
    See me for another accuracy lesson on the range tomorrow. Bring plenty of ammo and money.
    By the way there's still a postal strike here in the Haywoods so the Adoption form might be delayed.
    C U Tomorrow Mate

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    Hi Tony M,
    Have a go at altering the trigger before you throw it away. I did the same as you, I bought a sps varmint in 223 to eventually build into the ultimate foxing rifle. The first thing I did was take the gun to bits and chuck the stock away, then my attention turned to the trigger. It was heavy (4-5lb) but had no creep which was a start! Then after much trawling on american forums set about reducing the pull. The first screw above the trigger is the one to move, don't touch the others at all! It's covered in a thread lock compound, so scrape as much off as poss and find a selection of tiny allen keys. I only had 1 out of about 20 that all seemed the same that actually fitted, think it is 1/16 (don't take my word). Unscrew the nut if it will go, other wise like myself I heated the area with a hot air gun to loosen the compound. Once you have gone a couple of whole turns, slam the bolt lots of times and test the trigger, if it's ok reduce down to your liking but keep testing it! I adjusted as far as it would go before it slam fired, so I tightened it a 1/3 turn and then spent the next half hour slamming the bolt and dropping the action on to the work bench. I would leave it till the next day and do again to make absolutely sure. Mine is just over 2lb and feels very good, they say it should go from 4.5 to 2.5lb but some triggers will go a little further. Hope this helps and i haven't rambled on, if any probs just shout.


    P.S. I didn't tell you this!

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