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    I was in the SD SACS scheme that JAYB sorted on here (thanks very much!). Has anyone else had the letter through from SACS today offering a continuation of the discount for SD members?

    Really good of them I think!
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    Yep, plus one, I will renew.

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    Agree, very good of them, and I've nothing but praise for the personal advice and involvement from SACS when needed.

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    I got the letter as well, very good of them but they were 18 days too late ! I had already moved to CA when sacs expired

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    I think I'll let everyone know when I'm needing to renew my SACS insurance in September. If we can get 6 or more takers then we can have another intake then with reduced prices.

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    I rang sacs last week at 2030 even at that late hour the chap I spoke to was extremely pleasant and helpful I renewed and he gave me the sd discount,thank you sacs

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    Just had mine, and renewed

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    I tried to renew on line no joy so called them and said I was trying to renew my SDF membership and they did it on the phone, no hassle and at a discount so well pleased


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