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Thread: Chamois Hunting in Slovenia

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    Chamois Hunting in Slovenia


    I have been given a very good offer from a guide in Slovenia who I know well and have hunted with on a few occasions, it's also a great opportunity to make use of the very favourable exchange rate at the moment.

    Group of 4 Hunters -

    Hunt is inclusive of the following -

    3 Days Hunting - 4 Nights Accommodation
    2 x 1 Guiding
    Chamois Trophy (Without Limit)
    Trophy Preparation
    Hunting License
    Transport from Zagreb Airport (Croatia) to Hunting Area
    Rifle Hire & Ammunition
    BA Flights from LHR - Zagreb (If you want to fly from a different airport let me know) inc Firearm should you wish.

    Extras -

    Personal Expenses

    Ä2,500 (Currently £1,800) Per Hunter

    Any questions please ask.

    Kind Regards


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    sorely tempted!!!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    sorely tempted!!!

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    That's a very good offer, sorely tempted......

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    now you have got the cogs turning in my head like wise when would this be happening

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    Sorry for the delay in response!

    It can take place anytime from 1st August until 31st December.

    As I said above if you take the euro exchange and the fact its a direct booking without several agents involved its a very good price for an all inclusive hunt for Chamois.


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    Hi Alex.
    Since there is to be 3 days hunting, what would happen if a decent animal was located and taken on the first day? I realise one is likely to have to work hard to find and get close to this animal (which is the whole point of the hunt) but in the event of some good luck I ask the question.
    Also have you hunted this area with the guides before? And what did that hunt go like?
    It is a VERY tempting offer for a type of hunt I would love to do, but with only so much money in the pot a bit more info would be nice if you have the time. Thanks.

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    The offer I have placed is for 4 hunters - hunting 2 to 1 guide therefore if you hunted first and took your animal on the first day - you may choose to enjoy the hunt of the other hunter with you on the second and third day.

    Other than this - it maybe possible to hunt another species maybe a female roe or red deer or mouflon however this would also add to the bill.... There is some potential sightseeing however how much of this you would be interested in doing I am not sure.

    I have hunted the area myself, the chamois in the top post was taken in this area. I was very lucky in that we had only been on the mountain one hour when we spotted a group of chamois on a rock face - we made a stalk to where the chamois were heading and we got lucky again as they came perfectly in front of us at about 200m - we identified the male as a mature buck and I took the shot. That is how it can happen however I can tell you it can happen very much the other way too - with several failed stalks and just not being able to get into a position. The area has a good number of chamois though so you will always be in with a chance and I would expect 100% success rate with reasonable fitness and shooting.

    I have done - 2 Spanish Ibex - Balkan Chamois (Croatia) - Balkan Mouflon (Croatia) and this Alpine Chamois Hunt in Slovenia - I would say this is the best hunt out of them in terms of value for money - its the cheapest (especially with this offer) its a great place and the mountains are stunning. JMO


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    Thanks for the info Alex. It does sound like a great hunt, even just being there with another hunter after his trophy although I'd like to have the chance of a bit more hunting myself. For now I will have to hold back as although a great deal, both cash and time are in less supply than I would like, and I already have things booked later in the year.
    I look forward too seeing some pictures later in the year and will hope to get one myself someday.
    I hope you have a great hunt.

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