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Thread: Importing a dog?

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    Importing a dog?

    I'm interested in HWV from a litter that is in Hungary and I'm wondering what the potential problems could be?
    Has anyone on here imported a dog before? If anyone has did everything go smoothly or was it a nightmare?
    I'd like to read about your experiences good or bad.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    As long as the pet passport is in order and the rabies jabs and wormers. It is pretty painless.

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    I did it last year. So painless was it that I'm doing it again this year. The crucial variable is buying from a breeder that knows what they're doing. Ideally also (in my view) picking it up yourself.

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    Have the breeder ensure that all the places for vet's stamp are also signed as well. I was held up at Calais waiting for a fax confirmation from the Danish vet, then pet passport control gave me the fax to take into the village to get a local vet to sign the passport on the basis of the fax as well. One vet vouching for the other, for which there was a local fee and very difficult getting back to the terminal as the entries to the highway were all blocked off to stop queue jumpers.

    It happens a lot.

    Worm the dog and have it entered in the passport by the vet and SIGNED!

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