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Thread: Kit all soaked

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    Kit all soaked

    Bloody Platypus water container has leaked in my bergan soaking everything, I only bought that about 18 years ago and paid at least £3.99 for it. Some stuff just doesn't last!
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    your right i have a saw i borrowed in 62 and the bloody things blunt!!

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    send it back, and demand a refund, and name and shame the shoddy outfit selling such poor quality gear......
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    It's a sign on the times I am afraid.

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    Things just aint what they used to be.

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    Where there blame there a claim.

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    Get on to Trading Standards and mention the Sale of Goods Act 1979.....unless, of course, you bought it before then
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Get on to Trading Standards and mention the Sale of Goods Act 1979.....unless, of course, you bought it before then
    Surely its powers are retrospective... I've got a shotgun that can't be a day over 150 years old and its barrels have gone all brown and mottled. Not sure if the firm of fly-by-night bodgers that made it is still in business, though. If they're not all I can say is I'm not surprised!
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    Bought a length of elastic in 1967 can't have cut bits of it more than a few hundred times, went to get a piece yesterday and the bl@@dy stuff broke, they don't make stuff like they used too.

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    The other irony was that the leaking water container was inside a Berghaus Cyclops Bergan which is of a similar vintage and has had a pretty hard life however the Bergan seems to have remained just waterproof enough to contain the leaked water just long enough to get it into my tent before depositing it everywhere.

    They must have changed the laws of volume since I did physics at school because it now appears that one litre of water will fill a one man tent to a depth of two centimetres despite having already soaked into all of my stuff including my prized transistor radio!

    Joking apart, Platypus are a US company and I bet if I sent it to them with a few anecdotes about where it had been over the years they probably would replace it. Too late now as I've binned it but I'll be buying a new one at the first opportunity.

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