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Thread: Anschulz 525 advice please

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    Anschulz 525 advice please

    I am seriously thinking of getting one as I have always fancied an Anschutz and have a need for a semi auto .22 the 525 has come along. Do they recycle subs ok. Any advice or experiences very welcome. Tom

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    i had one and traded it in for a 1417 anshutz,ok for some but the trouble is you get giddy and waste ammo,plus the build on the 525,s nothing like the others,imho,atb doug,

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    I had one. Worked fine with subs. The trigger is quite hard and parts are difficult to get. Mags as rare as unicorn horns and expensive. The recoil spring is very long and next to impossible it refit unless you have the factory tool to use. Very accurate, had mine chopped down to 13" and was very handy in the landy. If you want an old school semi, look at cz, and krico. Both good guns.

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    I've got one, first rifle I owned. It is pretty accurate and if cleaned and oiled, I have no problem cycling subs (I normally use RWS which are some of the lowest power you can get). Build quality is fine but it wasn't an expensive gun. Might be selling mine soon, as it happens.

    Tool is easy to make for the recoil spring but they're still a little fiddly to fit. I second the comment about ammo usage. I was lucky to find a second magazine cheap in a local gunshop but then I had just spent a fortune on a .223 with them so maybe they did me a deal!

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    Got a couple here both very accurate and fire subs fine. For me they where a good cheap reliable and accurate 22, only selling as I don't really need 2 and I want a one for one.

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    Thanks guys this is very useful Tom

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    I've just sold mine, it was cut down and threaded to a 16 inch barrel and it cycled subs perfectly - Mine shot extremely accurately using Magtec Subs and never missed a beet! It's still for sale in the shop where I traded it in complete with scope and ready for work. With regards to the tool for the spring, I still have one if you do buy a 525 and need it!

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    Sorry to spoil the party, but my own experience of the Anschutz 525 was pretty poor. I bought a new one some 20 odd years ago having traded in a BRNO 581 semi-auto against it. The BRNO, once the mainspring was cut down, cycled subs beautifully and was fairly accurate. I could never get on with the 525, trigger was very heavy and it just wasn't accurate enough for me, although I think it cycled OK. I cant quite remember how bad it was accuracy-wise but the groups I got meant that for me headshots on rabbits at 50yds were probably out of the question!

    I now have a Theoben AMT which is a stainless clone of a 10/22 re-worked by Ben Taylor and is about as accurate as my Finnfire Range. As per any 10/22 this works much better with a 25 round banana mag than the terrible 10 shot Ruger rotary mags and means you can blast off more ammo in less time!

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    Bear in mind if you are really after an Anschutz, the 525 is made in Italy by Marrocchi & rebadged. Some folks love them, others hate them but they're often cheap enough to be worth the risk. Mine out shoots my ability and although it might not put all the shots through the same hole at 50 yards, they're more than adequate for bunny bashing & plinking

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    I took mine out for a play this morning what's not to like, 100 rifle that does that at about 50 yards shoot better than me. I'll miss them, but need a new fox rifle.
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