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Thread: Available Kudu Trophy 55"+

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    Available Kudu Trophy 55"+

    We have available one more tag for a Kudu Trophy that would range between 55" and 60" for a hunter looking for a special hunt on 12000 acres. Lots of Kudu to hunt from but only one more tag for 55"+. Trophy Fee GBP 1500.00, Kudu up to 53" go for GBP 650.00
    Please PM me should you be interested so that I can put together a detailed quote.
    Full list of other plains game available during the hunt.

    This is an opportunity to hunt a really special trophy in a spectacular area.
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    This is a very good deal Guy

    Best of luck and i believe it will sell fast!!

    Gerrit jv Vuuren PH & Outfitter
    Bos en Dal Safaris- South Africa
    Home - Bos en Dal Safaris

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    This is a great deal where once you've taken the kudo, you could hunt in a concession full of game, I have hunted with Guy on several occaisions, there is a really comfortable Lodge available, in an outstanding area teaming with game, thats a huge kudu trophy just waiting to be hanging on someones wall. deerwarden

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    Sorry guys, at this stage the 55" + is unavailable. Regular up to 53" still available.

    Post some pictures soon.

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    whos the ******** standing behind that kudu guy

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    Hee Hee you guys well.

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    All good Guy, hope everyone out there is well, chees Graeme

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommo42 View Post
    whos the ******** standing behind that kudu guy
    Hmmmm, I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before, TV programme... Crimewatch maybe?

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    Defo crimewatch jarrod

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    If you had a 60" I'd pay 2500 for it!!!

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