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Thread: 300 Win Mag Wanted

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    300 Win Mag Wanted

    Hi All,

    Has anybody got a 300 Win Mag sitting in there cabinet taking up room they want to clear out, I'm not looking at top end rifles just something very clean that groups well.

    cheers Neil.

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    Thanks guys I have already looked in the classifieds, has anybody else got anything?

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    tikka is not really high end and 625 is a bargain

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    tikka is not really high end and 625 is a bargain
    Hi Brewsher,

    No more than a grand.

    Cheers Neil.

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    For what? Just rifle?, rifle and scope? Rifle, scope and mod?

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    Hi what about this one Remington 700 synthetic stock stainless threaded custom trigger jet z mod
    wonderful thing shoots better than I can

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    Thanks for the reply's,

    I'm going to buy new now instead and at least I know how accurate the round count is then.

    I have read there only good for 1000 a 1500 rounds unless it's a heavy barrel.

    cheers Neil.

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