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Thread: Empty Vihtavuor 1kg powder tubs

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    Empty Vihtavuor 1kg powder tubs

    Hi as the title says does any one have a couple of empty powder tubs they donít use thanks in advance Craig

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    I have nearly 100 Hogdon powder cannisters if you get stuck.

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    Thanks for reply EMcC If no one has the other tubs, I will be giving you a call.

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    Patrol. Where are you located?
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    I bought a load of bulk Lovex powder and ended up putting it in Osprey and Nalgene bottles - I pour it into a cup when loading individually or into the Lee Powder Measure. As long as you label it carefully there should be no problem

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    I think I have two in the gun room, definitely one, let me know if you want them

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    I have one or two but no idea where you are...

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    sorry guys my location is South Yorkshire,

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    Pm me your address and Ile send you one
    vit N160 1 kl empty tub

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