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Thread: berger 115gr bullets

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    berger 115gr bullets

    anyone ever used berger 243 115 grain bullets ? only asking as im thinking of putting my hand in my pocket and buying some .at the moment im using a hornaday 105 which shoot a dream but the 115gr bergers look legal from the packaging as it has hunting and match on the box . cheers

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    What twist will you need to lob those downrange?? Get the twist right, and they could be superb!
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    I was looking at them the other day I think if you go on the berger website it has the twist rate required.


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    An eight twist rate is marginal for the 115gn Sierra / Tubb DTAC match bullet and the two 115gn Berger VLDs. It's high enough to give you round holes, but the grouping may not be that great, and you lose BC, Berger's calculator reckoning an 8% loss of value.

    On the above, you need a minimum rate not much above one in seven, but the American heavy 6mm bullet competiton shooting gurus say 7.5" is the optimal twist for these bullets.

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