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Thread: Weatherby Beretta model XXII

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    Weatherby Beretta model XXII

    Hi All
    I have been looking at a Weatherby Beretta Model XXII anybody had one. It looks and feel like a quality semi auto rimfire, tell me all about it please.And what are they worth

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    If it is a Beretta made Weatherby XXII, then it was made 1964-1968.
    Then Howa made it until 1983, when it was moved to America.

    This was an expensive .22, and the early ones had a reputation for being very accurate, a Ferrari of .22s. They had to be, because this was the heyday of the .22 semiautos in the USA. Autoloaders from Remington, Savage and Marlin were all very accurate and reliable. The Browning was a tiny work of a rt. Winchester had changed the entire product line over in 1964, and was not in the league with these others. The cheapest was the Marlin 99, which became the Model 60. The 99C came with a walnut stock, tube magazine, and shot tiny groups. I still have mine, and will never let it go. The Remingtons were accurate and very nicely made. But the Browning and the Weatherby were in a class by themselves in wood, checkering, and bluing. And the Weatherby had a reputation for really shooting.

    The only person I knew who had one was a neighboring farmer, with 3,000 acres, and much of it managed for quail. One day, he and I went out rabbit hunting. I was about 14. We took no dogs, just kicking them up and shooting them as we saw them, or on the run. I killed 17 rabbits in about an hour and a half, and he killed 10 with his Weatherby ( I think he was sandbagging for me ). I was so proud to "outshoot" him with my Marlin, but I kept looking at his Weatherby.

    I will tell you this, all I know about its accuracy. After the hunt, he let me shoot it. I stuck a playing card in the top of a fence post at 10 yards, and offhand, shot out the 5 of clubs, then turned it edgeways and split it. I loved it, but I would not have traded my Marlin 90 for it, ( or anything else).

    Ask the seller to let you shoot it.

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