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Thread: What sound mod?

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    What sound mod?

    Hi all,
    i have just ordered a new sako 85 in 6.5x55 i cant make my mind up between the wildcat,northstar or the ASE jet-z compact,
    does anyone know which one reduces sound the most for the 6.5x55?
    regards paul

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    i have a T8 reflex on my tikka T3 6.5x55 works very well

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    That is the only one i dont want lol
    thank you anyway

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    Where are you Knifeman? I've got the same rifle and am very happy with the Mod I got for half the price of the ones you list.

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    Hi gully, i am inbetween sheffield and chesterfield.
    what is the mod you have?

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    I'm just testing the new Delta moderators from Roedale. Similar to the a-tec cmm they are modular, meaning one can take baffles out to lighten and shorten the mod if one wants to.
    The baffle shape and design was developed at a University for applied physics in Germany and I must say they are very effective.

    Another good choice would be the tha new mod from Jager sports.
    Check the weights of moderators, makes a huge difference in the field.


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    Whatever you do, buy a stainless steel one. Some of the ones offered have aluminium alloy shielded by a thin stainless plate, all I have read of them would make me steer well clear of them (unless you really like cleaning modertors) and buy a fully stainless steel one.

    A friend of mine has the ASE Utra S5 and it is tiny compared to my T8 (two years old and no rust), another mate has the Wildcat in fully stailness steel and rates it. The Northstar gets good reviews by users, Njc on this site for one.

    I am afraid the search for the perfect moderator goes on

    Atb, ft
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    This is one of the ones I like at the minute.

    It is a Jager Sporting Arms Ranger, the owner is on the site. The body etc are made from aircraft grade 7575 series alloy with stainless steel used for the primary blast baffles and the insert were it screws on to the barrel, it is a reflex/over barrel design. For only 175 they have got to be worth a look.

    This is the front mounted one that I use.

    It is a A-Tec CMM, the baffles can be added or removed for differing situations, when set up for my 243 it only weighs in at 385gms, not bad money at 195.



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    Just been having a look at these,...
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    I had Wildcats and others, a friend has Jet Z Compacts. Wow!
    I sold the others and now only have Jet Z Compacts.
    I cannot recommend them strongly enough.
    Solid construction and great sound reduction.

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